George News is suspected of being the “unofficial” news source of the Trump camp. In addition to posting news items on TELEGRAM, George News also hosts a late night chat in which George News interacts with chatroom participants. The following is an excerpt of last night’s session (images follow below):



– Eyes of the world are on the G7 and they are laughing

– George told us weeks ago… Ron Johnson is a hero

– Would majority of our troops give their lives for Joe Biden? Beijing Biden. They can’t speak their minds.

– Our Deep State is better than their Deep State

– Ron Johnson & Mike Lindell WOW, more to come.

– Damage is never final… fixable, yes.

– CodeMonkey VERIFIED by George News

– AZ then the rest to follow. Red tsunami 

– We have it ALL!

– Sooner than you think. Not the “regular” date

– We will fully celebrate our July 4th, salute to America

– BBBB= Bumbling Beijing Basement Biden

– Every integration BBBB has with the media is controlled by the press office

– Hi to KEI MGUYEN! Thanks for your support.  (I DID NOT SEE ANYONE NAMED KEI IN THE CHAT 🧐 ) 

– Oh yes, we too have “sleepers”

– Ron Johnson has been working very hard for us since Jan 20 (and even way before then) 

– Do you recall a “conversation” we had via Twitter re A Kitchen sink / LEAK (2018)

– The traveling Press Pool are kept out of some of Bidens’ meet and greets.

– Ron… George supporter 

– What was Ron Johnson’s role? (45 Admin) 

– We are in this together.