Project Veritas introduces you to Ivory Hecker, who blew the whistle on her own news network where she is currently employed as a Television Reporter. Ivory has a story to tell. She’s claims to have witnessed corruption and censorship first hand. Best of all, she got it on tape. Stay tuned for the recordings of her superiors and colleagues, tomorrow.

There are those who’ve had enough. Who live like they’re dying. There are going to be hundreds more of them. Thousands who exhibit a special form of moral courage, follow their conscience and record what happens with a hidden camera to observe behaviors for the world to see. BE BRAVE. DO SOMETHING. If not us, who? If not now, when?

WATCH: Project Veritas Journalist Christian Hartsock catches up with Fox 26 Houston TV Reporter Ivory Hecker Immediately Following Her On Air BOMBSHELL

“I guess I’m supposed to know the narrative and stick with it…”