Welcome New Residents

The Epoch Times asked Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis what he’d like to share with the migrants coming from blue states.

“For the almost 1,000 people a day who are moving to Florida,” DeSantis wrote in an email. “Welcome to Florida, I hope we can all work together to keep our state the special place it is, an oasis of freedom in our country.”

“All Americans can learn from the mistakes made in lockdown states and not repeat those mistakes,” he added. “It won’t happen in Florida.”

“People who come to Florida from lockdown states can see for themselves how well we are doing here. If you look at voter registration trends overall, it’s positive; there isn’t any indication that the people of Florida—newcomers and longtime Floridians—are shifting away from the principles that helped our state succeed.”

Judd also expressed goodwill to Florida’s new migrants: “Welcome to Florida. You’re in a safe state, you’re in a healthy state, and we love people coming to our state. But don’t vote the way the majority of the people voted from where you came or you’ll have here what you had there. Guaranteed.”