I’ve lived in rural and urban centers in FL, CA, TX, and AZ. Based on what I’ve seen, when lefty transplants move to more conservative rural locales in these conservative states, the scales tend to fall off their eyes a bit, especially when the locals invest a little time into them.

These people are political refugees that don’t even know it and need a little help getting their critical thinking skills honed.

I’ve been to many social gatherings, workplaces, etc. where a transplant with more progressive leanings starts out defensive, but after a while and repeated interaction (with what they initially we’re conditioned to think were a bunch of klansmen who marry their sisters and eat roadkill), they realize pretty quick they’ve had it all wrong. It’s in the small(er) towns where I’ve seen the most change in indoctrinated lefties.

From what I’ve witnessed, when a lefty is shunned or constantly put down for their political ideology, it tends to further galvanize their liberal stance. But when they are still invited to BBQs and birthday parties etc. and when you do life with them with a genuine caring for their personal wellbeing, the walls they have built (both to keep you out and keep their ideologies in) come down pretty quick for the most part. Some faster than others and some not at all, but definitely more than not.

I used to roll my eyes when I heard another person moved in nextdoor from Illinois (Chicago) or a new hire at work was from CA or NY, but I realized these are people too that all hope is not lost on.

And many surprised me as I found out they were already very conservative and fled their previous regions to live around more like-minded individuals.

We’re in a social civil war, and every one we “wake up” is one less brainwashed minion to fight against and one more patriot to fight along side with. The most effective and outspoken conservatives I know are the ones whom were once liberals. They LOVE to debate with lefties and have a unique perspective that can quickly get to the heart of issues.