Never suspecting then where we’d be today…

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JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

I’m reading a stunning book written by none other than (the late) L. Fletcher Prouty who served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy presidency.  A retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, Prouty was in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the CIA’s secret activities.  He knew where the bodies were buried and the file cabinet containing the paperwork used to cover it up.

Prouty was a source for Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” and was portrayed as “Mr. X” by Donald Sutherland, the man in black who advised New Orleans DA Jim Garrison (portrayed by Kevin Costner) that he was on the trail to the truth.

A brief excerpt from the 375+ page book that is the most detailed account of the inception of the CIA and the events that culminated in the coup d’etat on Elm Street in Dallas on a sunny day in November.

If you have ANY interest whatsoever in learning the truth of the events that led to what happened to our country on Nov. 22nd, 1963 and changed the course of its direction, read it.


From Chapter 16 – Government by Coup d’Etat

The year was 1964.  Pres. John F. Kennedy had been shot dead months before by bursts of “automatic gunfire” in Dallas by “mechanics,” that is, skilled gunmen, hired by a power cabal determined to exert control over the United States government.  Lyndon B. Johnson, JFK’s successor, had been only a few feet under the bullets fired at Kennedy as he rode two cars back in that fatal procession.

By 1964 Johnson was becoming mired in the swamp of the Indochina conflict.  Kennedy, who had vowed to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces,” was dead.  LBJ, who had heard those fatal bullets zing past his ears, had learned the ultimate lesson; and for good measure, Richard Nixon was in Dallas on that fatal day, so that he, too, had the fact of this ever-present danger imprinted on his memory for future use by his masters.

From Chapter 18 – Setting the Stage for the Death of JFK

The significance of all this was that I had introduced President Kennedy’s Vietnam policy statement NSAM #263, into these discussions.  It is my belief that the policy announced so forcefully by Kennedy in his earlier NSAM #55 and in NSAM #263 had been the major factor in causing the decision by certain elements of the power elite to do away with Kennedy before his reelection and to take control of the U.S. government in the process.

Kennedy’s NSAM #263 policy would have assured that Americans by the hundreds of thousands would not have been sent to the war in Vietnam.  This policy was anathema to elements of the military-industrial complex, their bankers, and their allies in the government.  This policy and the almost certain fact that Kennedy would have been reelected President in 1964 set the stage for the plot to assassinate him.

I can’t put this book down.  It is without doubt, the most thorough explanation of the rogue CIA, it’s influence and impact on America’s involvement in paramilitary operations around the world and subsequent growing conflicts.  It is, as Prouty describes:

“…For the world as a whole, the CIA has now become the bogey that communism had been for America.  Wherever there is trouble, violence, suffering, tragedy, the rest of us are now quick to suspect the CIA had a hand in it.  Our phobia about the CIA is, no doubt, as fantastically excessive as America’s phobia about world communism; but in this case, too, there is just enough convincing guidance to make the phobia genuine…

This is what the destruction of sovereignty and disregard for the rule of law means, and it will not stop there.  With it will go property rights — as we have witnessed in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union — and the rights of man.”