“Men in positions of great power have been forced to realize that their aspirations and responsibilities have exceeded the horizons of their own experience, knowledge, and capability.  Yet, because they are in charge of this high-technology society, they are compelled to do something.  This overpowering necessity to do something — although our leaders do not know precisely what to do or how to do it — creates in the power elite an overbearing fear of the people.  It is the fear not of you and me as individuals but of the smoldering threat of vast populations and of potential uprisings of the masses.

“This power elite is not easy to define; but the fact that it exists makes itself known from time to time.  Concerning the power elite, R. Buckminster Fuller wrote of the “vastly ambitious individuals who [have] become so effectively powerful because of their ability to remain invisible while operating behind the national scenery.”  Fuller noted also, “Always their victories [are] in the name of some powerful sovereign-ruled country.  The real power structures [are] always the invisible ones behind the visible sovereign powers.”

“The power elite is not a group from one nation of even of one alliance of nations.  It operates throughout the world and no doubt has done so for many, many centuries.

~L. Fletcher Prouty,

JFK – The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

Ch. I,  The Role of the Intelligence Services in the Cold War, p.2

Eleven years ago on this site, I published this quote from L. Fletcher Prouty, along with a video that has since been removed from YouTube.