From Jordan Sather on TELEGRAM:

‘Stop vaccinating young people’: Trump warns coronavirus vaccines are potentially dangerous for kids as he says COVID escaped from Wuhan lab and demands China pays $10TRILLION

Donald Trump on Wednesday night said he was unsure about the necessity of vaccinating children against COVID-19, despite being in favor in general of the program.

Looks like Trump is finally coming around (able) to start pushing the envelope on vaccines. 

Last night on Hannity he suggested that young people do not need the shot – this is leading to an absolute meltdown in the MSM this morning. 

This is a perfect example of why Trump couldn’t question vaccines more openly, sooner. The media would have ROASTED him. They’re roasting him now just over the slightest hint of skepticism toward the vaccine cult, imagine if he would have said more. 

Playing the optics game is a crucial part of his job, and incredibly difficult when the powerful Fake News Media complex can smear, twist stories, and invent “facts” on a whim.