“I am truly grateful for all those who follow me here and on Gab.  I don’t make money off of what I do here and do this because God has given me this platform to help encourage, inform and bring people to a trust in Jesus Christ (which is the most important). 

I have sacrificed a lot like a lot of Patriots have and want to encourage you to keep FIGHTING. I have been hit by the biggest fake news media corporations and there is a team of paid Deep State shills who go after me today.  I take these attacks as a badge of honor.  

We all play a role in this information war that is ultimately a spiritual war.  Where America goes the rest of the world goes.  FIGHT on your knees in prayer and fight in the public squares here and in your communities. We are winning this war and will start to see more wins in the coming days. There will be more people get on board so welcome them in.  

The enemy will never give up so we have keep fighting, we have to keep pushing ahead and we can NEVER give up! You are part of the greatest movement that has ever been unleashed in this country.  God wins and we are on His side!”