Ghost Ezra:

“This weekend I went to the barber. The person cutting my hair said she had an accident on the interstate where she blacked out at 80mph and woke up skidding. She said it was strange because she never had any neurological issues before. I said to her, didn’t you say you got the vaccine a month ago? She said she forgot about that. 🤦‍♂️”

Imagine flying commercial with a couple of pilots that got a double dose jab? Enjoy your summer travels.😱😱

Folks listen up closely. We need some honest, non Zionist, non tranny’s running for Congress in 2022. The bar is low, you don’t even need to have all your teeth. You will win by large margins too. Americans are fed up and won’t be fooled or conned anymore by the left or the right. Anyone who’s been in DC for years isn’t to be trusted. You must check and make sure they aren’t dual citizens to any other country. Also got to grab em by the p____ to make sure nothing’s hanging. Now, do we have any applicants? Time to plan ahead. Candidates will be selected for you. We cannot afford that.

The price of unvaccinated sperm.