Il Donaldo Trumpo:

1. Fauci gives money to Peter Daszak.

2. Peter Daszak gives money to Wuhan Lab. 

3. Wuhan Lab leaks virus that kills millions of people.

4. WHO hires Peter Daszak to investigate.

5. Peter Daszak asks Wuhan Lab “so everything is fine?”

6. Wuhan Lab answers: “yes”

7. Case closed.


Are you watching/listening to War Room? Natalie Winters is digging deep – she’s uncovering so much information about Fauci, Daszak, and the World Health Organization it is head spinning. This 20-year-old is way ahead of anyone in media. Incredible.

Peter Navarro is taking the eagle’s view.

Raheem Kassam sees the large pattern.

And Bannon is on a rant. Telling Fauci he’d better get the best criminal lawyers in the world, because he’s going to need them.