The Defection Fallout – “I Never Conceded”

Brian Cates:

“It’s not just politicians at the federal, state, and local levels here in the US that are desperately hoping this defection story isn’t true. All across the world, politicians, media outlets, corporations that were in bed with the CCP and took under the table sweet, sweet CCP $ to spread CCP propaganda and subvert their own country’s interests to pimp for the CCP’s interests are hoping this isn’t happening. Not THIS guy. This guy can’t have defected with everything he knows and terabytes of information about their betrayals.

Just engage a thought experiment for a minute.

You let them steal the election because you knew trying to prevent it with federal or military force wouldn’t work. Even if you prevented the digital vote switching by foreign hackers, corrupt local and state officials had fake ballots at the ready.  You’d have had to send in the feds to seize control. It never could have worked.

You leave the White House, but it’s ok. See, you’ve already arranged for the CCP’s top spymaster and several other key people to defect and they’re coming over with all the proof you’ll need. About the vote switching the CCP did. About who was paid off with CCP $ to commit election fraud in our states. Where’d Mike Lindell get the real time election stream data packets? I’m starting to form a theory about that.

“I never conceded.”

……them to this place needs to be gone, ASAP. And to make that happen, voting machines need to be gone as well. One day Americans will realize that the only reason the craziest politicians who nobody likes but have been in office for decades are only there through fraud,

…with the sole purpose of the destruction of their city, state or the nation. Time to take out the garbage – it’s going to be a long process, but the machines are the first step.


By Radiopatriot

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