Regarding John McAfee:

He was in jail.

He has a dead man switch.

He “died”.

His dead man switch has not (yet) activated.

We will know soon if he is really dead, or managed to escape from prison under the guise of a “suicide” [i.e. Epstein].

McAfee’s “post-mortem” instagram post was deleted along with the entire instagram account.

Remember when they took down the majority of the internet right when Julian Assange’s deadman switch was rumored to be activated?

Third week of October 2016.

McAfee will have surely utilized a blockchain’s immutability attribute to activate his deadman’s switch.

Look carefully through BTC’s OP_RETURN transactions in the next few days and also the equivalent type of transaction on other crypto coins.

If McAfee is really dead, where is his deadman’s switch with dozens of terabytes of data in it?

If McAfee is really dead, how did he post on his verified instagram account after he “died”?

Has McAfee ever previously faked his own death?