I had an idea, and I ran with it. Easily the most challenging video I’ve done yet. 

I took Dwight Eisenhower’s D-Day address and reworked it to relate to Anons and modern times, and then I voiced it over myself. 

This video took far more work than any I’ve made yet and my hope is that it provides a point of optimism and hope for all of us in the movement. 

This isn’t over, folks. God wins. We win. Pick your chin up, hold the line, and keep moving forward! 

God bless America. God bless the World. 



(Some clips taken from this video;

Think about it this way frens:

We’ve already endured for this long, what’s another while longer? 

There’s no going back. 

That’s not an option. 

So we must continue to move forward. 

One day at a time.

—Pepe Lives Matter