Imagine being the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors; your routers show remote access from foreign countries, you adjudicated over 230,000 ballots, your chain of custody documents are a joke, you deleted a database to cover up all of the discrepancies, and you know that you certified a fraudulent election.

So you fight the court ordered subpoena from your State’s Senate for 5-months, then you make it as difficult as possible for the auditors, you hit the television circuit to discredit them, you start a social media campaign to discredit them, and you deny, deny, deny. 

Doesn’t all of their childish behavior make sense now?

On top of everything else they did… they might have been missing up to 200,000 ballots this entire time!!!



–Kanekoa the Great


Once the results are announced, keep this handy:

Elections for federal office were on the ballots in Maricopa County.  🙂

Once evidence of wrongdoing is attained then the representatives of the state can ask for warrants, can subpoena records, comms, etc.  in other words, a case against the perpetrators will be built the same way any other criminal case is built.

So much truth on all fronts… so little time!  It’s like Christmas morning.

–The Professor’s Record