Gen. McInerney Discusses Chief Justice Roberts and Mike Pence.

GENERAL MCINERNEY DISCUSSES RYAN DARK WHITE in this radio interview. @johnheretohelp


Former Vice President ‘Mike Pence’ is mentioned six times in the whistleblower’s transcript detailing his role in ridding the cabal of President Trump, and several more times as “Pence” or “the vice president.”  Chief Justice Roberts was also deeply involved. We pick up the whistleblower’s interview as he is talking about Mike Pence and the tight group that were planning to get rid of Trump:

Read the Deposition Transcript at:
Pence/Roberts portion of transcript

Pence/Roberts portion of transcript

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  1. Andrea, here is a question .. We all know that TRUMP WON .. but since he did an the cheating went on.. of it but >>> would PENCE have to be the VP since they ran in 2020 .. that is the question that needs to be answered.. if he goes back to whitehouse. I have been thinking of this … and what he done i would not want him as vp but would he have to fulfill that duty ..?

  2. ok then would TRUMP get a new VP . if pence wont do it .. I mean since they won.. whom would be the vp .. and still what the constitution say of it . I bet POMP would be an awesome VP thank you

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