Imagine you worked your way up the corporate ladder to become the CEO of the world’s largest cyber security company. You’ve gone from making a few hundred thousand a year to a couple million a year.

Now, the CEO of the world’s second largest cyber security company, is a very savvy businessman, and he sees an opportunity. He decides to offer your son $1.5 billion to set up a private equity fund. This makes you, your son, and your entire family wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Fast forward and your company suffers a massive cyber attack – a virus shuts down your entire network. Your company is forced to close down for months and you are forced to lay off millions of employees.

Now, the only credible evidence implicates the world’s second largest cyber security company as the culprit of the attack. As a result, your board of directors, executive team, and employees pressure you to investigate.

So, you give the CEO a call.

First, he reminds you that he gave your son $1.5 billion. He made you and your family wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Then he reminds you that he recorded all of your interactions, your emails, your phone calls. He even has evidence that you and your son have been hiding your wealth from the IRS in off-shore accounts.

And, right before he hangs up, he says, “Joe, if you thought that video of Hunter getting a footjob while smoking crack was bad, just wait till you see what I got. I recorded everything, Joe. I had cameras in every room.”

Then you hang up the phone and you remember that you have late-stage dementia and your name is Joe Biden. And, you just were installed as POTUS in a rigged election.

China released a bioweapon so Democrats could add 35 million more mail-in ballots and so Mark Zuckerberg could buy up the ballot counting rooms in swing states.

China even hacked into the election, taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting machines, and changed hundreds of thousands of votes for you to win.

Then you laugh at the idea of investigating the Wuhan Lab knowing that you already sold your soul, your family, and your country to the Chinese Communist Party.

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