I hope you’re enjoying getting to know “Follow the Data with Dr. Frank” as much as I am! I discovered him at TELEGRAM through The Professor’s Record, who I discovered thru Seth Keshel, who I discovered thru Lin Wood, who I discovered thru… well, you get the picture. TELEGRAM is peopled by some amazing and remarkable patriots. And as time goes on, I will be introducing you to many of them. Assuming you aren’t already on TELEGRAM and have discovered them on your own? If you have and you have suggestions of others who deserve our attention, please share that with us in the comment/reply section. Thank you!

From “Follow the Data with Dr. Frank”:

“OK, most of us were duped. 

Me too. 

I was willing to give our governments the benefit of the doubt, and *a few weeks* to figure out the best way to address the Covid fiasco.


There were patriots all over the country screaming this. But most of us did not listen.

Well, we had to learn this lesson again, the hard way.

Never, ever, EVER give power to the government. They don’t relinquish it willingly.

The people then have to wrest it from their power-hungry, corrupted hands.

The crafters of our Constitution designed it for WE the People to be the government. 

Those guys had learned the lessons of history. 

Too many of us forgot.”


“We are looking for Cyber geeks with CISSP Credentials who want to help with the cyber symposium in Sioux Falls SD on Aug 10-12.

But we also need every American to follow the information as it is being revealed, to spread the word in their communities, and for large groups to take the info to their local Boards of Elections (BoE) and demand either reform or their immediate resignations.

Most BoE people do not understand how badly they have been hacked and tracked. When they find out, some of them become valuable proponents for election reform. 

Others stick to their false narratives that their elections were secure. They will end up with egg on their faces.

If your BoE folks do not acknowledge the issue, they should be replaced immediately. Same with your secretaries of state.”


“Say that you are a Secretary of State, and you are coming to grips with the fact that you’ve certified a fraudulent election.

1) The vast majority of your constituents believe that the election was fraudulent;

2) Dr Frank and others have statistically demonstrated the telltale signs of controlling algorithms;

3) Your voter registration databases are inflated irrationally, and supermoms all over your state are turning out in droves, finding piles of dead voters and phantom voters;

4) Mr Lindell releases 34 Tb of data, proving that voting systems in every one of your counties were hacked and tracked.

5) Public awareness of the situation is growing (despite significant attempts to censor the information), and your constituents are demanding either reform or your resignation.

What do you do?

a) Be the hero. Own up to it, and lead an election reform effort.

b) Be spineless. Remain silent. Let the people storm the doors of the capitol. Wait for more evidence, and see which way the wind is blowing.”



“The SoS of Ohio in a press conference today just stated, “The machines are never connected to the internet.”

“Never” is a big word.

Wait ’til we show him the recordings of the election, before, during, and afterward.

August 10-12, 2021 Sioux Falls, SD

By the way, if the machines are never connected to the internet, why do they need Albert cyber security systems installed in the precincts?”