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“For such a time as this.”

I’m hearing this phrase used a lot lately. It is from the Bible, the 4th chapter of the book of Esther. Esther was an attractive and shrewd young lady, who was in precisely the right place at precisely the right time with precisely the right physical and intellectual attributes so that she could enable her people (the Jews) to save themselves.

 I just read the story again. I’d forgotten some of the plot twists and turns, and the several delicious ironies. It’s a quick read! I encourage everyone to look it up today. (

Esther did not save the people herself; she played the pivotal role she was given. She arranged it so that her people (the Jews) were allowed to organize and fight against an impending oppressor, intent on slaughtering all of them.

Esther was raised by her cousin Mordecai, who adopted her as his own daughter when both her parents died.

Mordecai is really the main character of the story. He is the one who raised Esther properly and made the righteous stand that brought his people under threat. He coaches Esther throughout, and in the end, Mordecai becomes second only to Xerxes.

But Esther is certainly one amazing “supermom.”

The ironies are delicious and the lessons are clear. We are to stand for truth and righteousness. When we do, we can expect persecution. But God does not abandon us. He places people in just the right circumstances with just the right skills and attributes to address the imminent threats.

Our country was founded on concepts of liberty and Judeo-Christian principles. It is now being undermined by evil and corrupting influences. We need to come together, and to remember who we are. We need a great revival.

Each of us must stand for truth and righteousness. And when we do, each of us can expect persecution. But God does not abandon us.

Discover the role that God has planned for you in the present circumstances. Own it, and rise to the occasion.

You were made “for such a time as this.”