What happened on January 6th was originally planned as a large riot and occupation. When the DS managed to steal the election they hastily put together plans for an “insurrection”. And sent people to their death to solidify their phony “victory.”


(This is bad. The riots, the taking over of police stations, shutting down and ceiling off federal buildings, this is their practice run for what happens the day after the election.)

January 6th prisoners

(Ok, some questions have popped up. The Deep State controls over half the court system in this country. They have compromised a large portion of other judges. They control the media, the internet, and most means of modern communication.)

No kidding! Some came out as a depressing surprise.

(There are numerous DS supporters within the military/ Intel community who will help them take over, issue contradicting orders and statements. All designed to delay and confuse until their plans take effect.)

Delta Variant.

(They can shut it down if they want. They want covid-19 , riots, whatever the case may be, they want everyone lockdown at home until after they attemp to take the government. That’s why they refuse to open schools.)

They intended to accuse president Trump of fraud. But when they were able to steal the election, their plans for a massive riot in protest became more focused, turned into their “insurrection”.

(The DS Dems, managed to steal the election and take the office. So instead of a riot to remove president Trump they wanted an “insurrection” to solidify their win and guarantee no one could question the election results.)

Ashli Babbitt was a true Patriot. She was Not in DC on January 6th randomly. She was FOLLOWING ORDERS. She was set up,lied too, “betrayed with a flag”(marked), and sent her death. She was betrayed by phony Patriots. And she was communicating with her “handlers” the whole time.

In my thread on January 6th I put information inside that bad actors would pick up on.

These women, like Ashli Babbitt, we’re approached and set up weeks before January 6th. “Laura, I know you’re scared. You were very verbal in Philadelphia. You believed in what you were doing and what they told you. You were on the right side. They were lying.

They were setting you up. And I know you sit there all day thinking about what happened to Ashli and how, “that could Have been Me”. Parts are leaking out now, going public is your best defense, find a lawyer you trust and talk to them about it.

And it’s all in the proper hands and moving forward. You and your threats are impotent.

(For Months Before and After January 6th, we have it all. Names, dates, locations, comms, emails, text, everything. Nothing will stop what’s coming for you, and you will pay for what you’ve done. Others know now. Come and get me.)

*it’s because Ashli was so small, petite, that she was marked with the flag/cape. They could not spot/track her through the crowd. Even then they lost sight more than once. Their comms reveal this. “Correct, was that correct? Get a thumbs up, thumbs up?” Have it all.