“Hey Everybody! Allow me to introduce you to Rex Tullis, the newest contributing author to the Patel Patriot Substack!”


“… The Q group started posting almost 4 years ago and it’s shocking to realize a lot of us have been on this nonstop wild ride for well over a thousand days. In Q’s own words “Those who know cannot sleep.”

“The real beauty of the Q project to me is that they said “20% will be revealed and 80% hidden” which infuriated a lot of Old School Autists but Q also said (paraphrasing) “the truth is not for everyone. In the end the choice to know will be yours.” Search the Q drops with the phrase “the choice to know” to see all the specific meaning Q inferred. 

“Patel’s guest‘s letter has helped me reconcile this contradiction and here is what I see happening AFTER the conclusion of The Greatest Happening of our Era. Q being proven right about so many secret current events now that will be revealed with criminal prosecutions and tell all books in the future (think Durham) will open the door to all our other assumptions about the nature of our perceived reality to be cross examined in the future. Or as Q told us years ago “FUTURE PROVES PAST”. 

“All the pertinent fraud and corruption hindering the function of our constitutional republic will be dealt with accordingly. When the sense of immediate danger has finally passed, our emotions will cool and then the public will begin to look back and rationally contemplate the Big Picture facts Q mentioned and hinted about along the way. The future historians might even consider this period we are living through as the prequel to the history of Humanity’s upcoming rapid  spiritual, social and technological growth! The Great Awakening indeed, God willing. “

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I Know The Plans I Have For You” Declares the Lord, “Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.”

Rex Tullis