Brian Cates is at the three-day FrankSpeech Cyber Symposium. The following are excerpts of his posts/observations and notes from others.

I was theorizing in that Sioux Falls chat room based on 2 premises:  1) several IT guys who looked over the brief pcap streams he showed in his Absolute Proof and other videos claim any basic level IT guy looking at that would say it’s fake. 

2) Lindell has real pcaps.  I theorized if both premises are true or 1 is true and the other is false, what does that mean?  That meant discussing what’s happening if what Lindell has is not real.  Why would he be doing this? I listed 3 reasons.  He’s crazy, he’s out to sell more pillows or he’s been duped. 

And then I listed another possibility which every single critic is ignoring: the possibility both premises are true: the brief pcap clips he’s shown on video up until now are fake but he’s been holding back the real stuff for the symposium and the cyber experts.  But apparently that room is the WRONG FORUM to spitball.  Lesson learned.

As a reporter, I explore the options.  Option 1: Lindell has what he claims he does, and what that means.  And I explore Option 2 also, even though I understand THAT PISSES SOME PEOPLE OFF.  What if Lindell does not have what he claims he does?  Why would he end up going through with this? I saw only 3 possibilities, which I listed:  1) he’s crazy 2) he’s been duped. 3) he’s doing it to try to make money.  I’m already publicly on the record saying I really HOPE he has what he claims he does.  He’s still got 2 days to irrefutably prove the pcaps show all these machines connected to the internet and that they were hacked into by foreign states and that votes were switched.  I can’t say he’s shown the irrefutable proof until he’s done it.  Until then all the options are on the table, like it or not.

Symposium Day 2 Session 1

Day 2 stream:

Colbeck is up.

Patrick Colbeck now walking the audience through the election system and the chain of custody that election records are required to have by law.

Colbeck in the process of explaining how there are hundreds of thousands of votes in many of these states for which the legally required chain of custody is missing.

Dr. FRank now with a panel discussion

Ron Watkins appearing by video conference call

No wonder Dominion sued OAN, Newsmax, etc. they don’t want the forensic blueprint info getting out and getting wide coverage from the Symposium.

If Dominion configured all their machines one way before the election, then changed the machine configuration for the election itself, then covered their tracks by switching back to the previous configuration once the election was over, a forensic ‘snapshot’ of these machines before, during and then after the election would catch this nefarious activity and document it.

I don’t know that I’ve ever prepared for an interview the way I have for today- please make sure to set your clock for 2:30ET, where we will be interviewing Dr. Peter McCullough on the Dark to Light podcast

FRom what i”m understanding, Dominion had different configureations for that machines before during and after the election. Anybody checking the configuration of the machines before the election would find that all internet access, modems, etc. were turned OFF. Just before the election, under the guise of ‘updating/testing’ the machines, the configuration was changed to turn all the internet capabilities/modems ON.  Then once the election was over, and in case anybody checked, Dominion turned the internet settings/modems back OFF again.

Ron is explaining this in a very low key, drone like way.

I’m not sure the audience is catching the full import of what he’s saying, because he’s just droning it out.

That appears to be Col Waldron who has appeared and is adding his own explanation

Technical difficulties made that hard to follow.

Well if the cyber forensic experts look these snapshots of the election machines over and verify/validate them, that’s huge. But again, we just now found out today they have this stuff.  Just another thing we have to wait to be evaluated and given the big thumbs up of  validation.

Well remember what the whole purpose of the symposium is: it’s not just to air the claims about what they say they have.  It’s about Proving the validity of what they say they have.  The goal isn’t to just keep repeating the claims and saying “Just trust us.” That’s not why we’re here.

Assuming Lindell’s pcaps are real, and all these machines were connected to the internet during the election, what they revealed this morning at the Symposium was a huge piece of the puzzle that was missing until now.

By what process did Dominion and others get all these machines onto the internet and then cover their tracks afterwards?

Ron Watkins is back. Hope the issues are ironed out

Just got to meet Seth Keshel at last. He’s arrived and is speaking at 4 pm.

Ok more technical difficulties.  😛

mIght be time to call this and just go on to something else.

What i mean is this is the 2nd day. There is another day tomorrow.  If they can’t get it working right, just test it througouly tonight and make this presentation tomorrow.

OK they are soldiering. They really want to get this out now, glitches and all

Code Monkey doesn’t think these are glitches – h e says the feeds are being attacked

Ok…they are still trying to present the claims about the election machine snapshots…but most of the audience is taking lunch right now and not paying attention.  They’ve lost them.

they are getting it on the record, that’s good. It’s all going to be on video. But the DDOS attacks or whatever they were dragged this out and it is what it is.

Also there is a lot of technical jargon being used in this current presentation about the snapshots of the election machines.  Some of the conference callers involved aren’t really dumbing it down for the non-IT people watching, which is another thing that is causing some  here to lose interest – they don’t really understand what’s being said.

One positive thing about this: the bad guys are watching and they are seeing what the good guys claim they have and what they say they can prove about these election machine snapshots. If this is all real. It’ll be interesting to see what response this presentation provokes from Dominion and others.

Presentation is still going on.  Dr. Frank, and now Phil Waldron taking questions from the audience.

the acoustics in this building are not that good.  Having trouble following what some of the presenters are saying because there’s an echo sometimes when talk loudly.

Looking forward to hearing from Seth Keshel at 4 pm, assuming he hasn’t been pushed back.

Some good questions being asked.  This presentation with Dr. Frank, Col. Waldron, Ron Watkins has now surpassed 3 hours.

Ok now it’s Patrick Colbeck, Prof. Clements and Phil Waldron up on the stage.

Midnight Rider Channel

Did Hunter film this? 🤣

Hunter Biden film drop. Another distraction from what’s going on. Arizona must be getting ready 👀

LOL oh this isn’t a distraction. This is right on time.  Another reminder for certain people who keep vainly hoping they’ve seen the last of the laptop drops that there is more coming. So. Much. More.

Hunter Biden relates a story where he was found face down in a pool and not breathing in this video and had to be revived.  Sounds like  another wild drug-filled night took a wrong turn there…

Biden also relates a story about yet another missing laptop, claiming he had one stolen from him.

Seth Keshel and Steve Bannon

INBOX – Trump statement on Ashli Babbitt.

💥 Mesa County Colorado Recorder confirmed active erasure of evidence from Dominion systems, but by Dominion not her office. The County Recorder made a forensic copy because she believed that something nefarious was about to happen at the hands of the Colorado Secretary of State. That’s right, proof beyond PCAP, there was forensic evidence that was actively erased, which is a violation by Dominion and the Colorado Secretary of State.

BTW, Rep. Mark Finchem is here. He was talking to someone just a few feet away from the media section about 10 minutes ago.

and here’s the thing: the *first* server image is big. (it’s like copying the whole C\ drive.)  But subsequent “snapshots” can be small: they just contain the differences between successive captures.   It is the case that Windows 10 has so called “snapshot” file system capability built in. If someone captured the “starting” C: drive contents before the election, and then received daily update blocks of the differences over several days (much smaller in size) then that is both brilliant and a goldmine.

So i they were configureing stuff to look like none of the machines were on the internet before the election, then they remotely switched configurations to put the machines on the net for the election, then covered their tracks by remotely switching back to the old configuration, these server images would show that clearly and indisputably?

What kind of case would Lindell have if he has both the server images and pcaps that are real?

absolutely bulletproof. 9-0.

Either the sites getting too many viewers or the bad guys are running a DDOS attack to prevent YOU from seeing the documents Dr Shiva just presented.


AND IT’S ONLY PARTWAY THROUGH DAY 2.  There’s another full day coming tomorrow.  the documents Dr. Shiva just showed are not deniable. They are a stake through the heart of Big Tech, fully admitting they are working hard as a direct censorship arm of the government. Trump just won his lawsuit on these documents alone.

HUGE: Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence of the Secretive Long Fuse Report — Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion — As Momentous Discovery as Pentagon Papers …Update: Hearing Tomorrow with Link

Previously we reported on Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was able to uncover Twitter’s “partner support portal.” Dr. Shiva discovered that Twitter built a special portal offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete content they dislike for any reason, as part of what they call their “Twitter Partner Status.” Dr. Shiva…


Far left Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoed a series of ballot security initiatives in the Badger State on Tuesday. Evers also told two counties to ignore subpoenas from the GOP-controlled legislature.

On Friday Wisconsin’s House Election Committee Chairman Janelle Brandtjen issued subpoenas to Brown and Milwaukee Counties.

The governor also said that two Wisconsin counties should not comply with subpoenas to turn over ballots and voting equipment as part of an investigation being led by the Republican head of the Assembly elections committee.

🔗  The Full Gateway Pundit Article 


🇺🇸 National Audit Watch Channel: @AuditWatch

⭐️ Wisconsin Audit Watch Channel: @WIAuditWatch

All 50 State Audit Watch Channels

It won’t matter what Tony Evers does. It can’t be stopped at this point.

Dr. Shiva gets a standing ovation at the end of his presentation.  I believe Seth Keshel is up next.

Seth towering over Lindell as he begins his presentation “Behind the Election Integrity Curtain”

Seth said earlier he was going to drop some big news during this presentation.

Texas audits inbound

Seth making a damning case for fraud.  The Bellwether counties, the primary margins, all of it.

Someone could take a stab at explaining away  1 or 2 of the points, but all 10 together make a compelling case.

Four points: (1) those are hard disks, SSD style. (2) the tape labels imply virtual machine images (ESXi.)  (3) the Domino has 17 points (“Q”) and it appeared in Melania Trumps 2019 Christmas video. (4) The brass frog is the symbol of 8chan/Q boards (“Pepe the frog.”)

these were put on 4 chans /pol board 12/24/2020

If those were the “starting images” of the C: drives of a set of Dominion servers as they were in early November… and *if* the machines were set up to send daily “difference files” across the Internet to “sync up” a remote copy of those C:\ drives, then you could see day by day every change to those C:\ drives over time.

I use this backup service called “BackBlaze”, and that’s basically what it does: it makes a remote copy of my C: drive on some backup cloud, and every day, it sends “differences” To “top up” the backup copy to match my current C: drive.  The first upload takes many days or a week; but the daily changes are miniscule in comparison, easy to keep up with.

So it looks like somebody who knew what they had been doing in previous elections got in there and set this up fo the 2020 election to take forensic images of these servers…

And the bad guys never caught wind it was happening

Until now

That seems to be an eminentlly plausible hypothesis at this point. The Colorado thing was an example to induce panic in the bad guys.  “If we could do that from yesterday, just think of what we could have done elsewhere..”

Gotta say, I had heard about Seth’s “10 Point” presentation, had read the article he wrote with Gen. Flynn about it, but watching his polished delivery of it live is really something awesome.

I would hate to have to go out there and try to top that.

Oh Mike has come out again.  He can hold his own lol.  Having a conversation-style address with the audience while seated.

Not sure if this is the end of the agenda for today. Last night they went until after 8:30 pm.

And am told there will be a panel discussion coming up soon.

OK panel is seated and starting their discussion of the day’s events. There’s a lot to go over.

Seth Keshel, Lady Drama, “The Professor” David Clements

MUST SEE movie

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room


EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. Hunter Biden claims Russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room in 2018.

No kidding? Wouldn’t  that constitute a…[dramatic pause while slipping sunglasses on] a RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA SCANDAL!?!?

HEY GUYS! GUYS! YOU WANNA HEAR SOMETHING HOWLINGLY FUNNY?!  It’s really funny now….Ok here we go…a week and a half ago when that video went viral of Hunter Biden smoking crack, and they managed to keep that from being picked up by any major news outlet, a bunch of idiots were walking around patting each other on the back going “Yay! We contained the scandal!”  I kid you not. They were high fiving each other over a job well done. And now this new video dropped.  More explosive revelations.  A huge spotlight on the fact that Hunter has spent years providing Russians and Chinese and others with blackmail material on the entire Biden Crime Family.

And there’s MORE.  There’s much more coming.  It’s almost as if the video drops are being timed and escalate in damning revelations to….nah… That couldn’t be.

Every single election machine in every county that was found to have that script on it – even if they never ran the script command – was instantly decertified.  Any election results tabulated on it are legally rendered void.

All that has to be proven is that the election machines had this script command in their logs and in their system and every election in which these machines were used is instantly decertified.

52 U.S. Code 20511.  Read it, know it, …

And if the before-during-after EMS server images prove that that script was not only on the election machines, somebody executed it, guess what happens next?

Not only are the election results tossed, somebody has to take the fall for essentially decertifying the county’s entire election.  There has to be an investigation. “Who did this? Who executed the script?”

Nobody accidently inserts a script like this into the system to deliberately open up the door to a security breach without knowing what they are doing. They doubly know what they are doing if they execute the script.  It’s impossible to escape culpability.

Was the DOMINION EMS server in your district artificially WEAKENED?

Why does Dominion have a function that purposefully opens their servers up to cyber attack?

Is this part of the “trade secrets” that Dominion so desperately tries to hide?

Dominion Deleted Incriminating Database and Log Files in Colorado

“If I were Dominion I’d be pissing in my shoes right now.” This from a cyber guy at Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium just now. They have forensic images from a Dominion EMS computer in Mesa County, CO – imaged before Dominion came in May [2021] to “update” the software. In the process, Dominion wiped all the logs and the database files. One was a batch file created in October 2020 to “un-harden” the system. Wow!

Hat tip🤠 @The_Library_II

..they… appear to have been wiped clean this spring 5/25/21 at Mesa County CO offices by a Dominion employee. This was done all over the country. They called it ‘server update’ but log files were deleted. Just the beginning forensics from 2 server images.

This was a freaking awesome and historic day.