Inflation is now soaring and the Biden administration, the economy are struggling to explain all of this, they thought inflation would be declining but the opposite has happened.

The [CB] is doing everything they can to control the situation and to cover it up.

This is when the people will see it all.

A decentralized currency is the only way forward. The [DS], fake news, big tech are panicking, so they are preparing to stop all information from being presented to the public.

Mike Lindell has his 3rd day of the Cyber Symposium and we come to find out that ML was attacked and they found out that certain individuals are clowns. The EAS was just tested and big tech most likely tried to stop the testing but the patriots have prepared countermeasures. The military is the only way forward and a state of temporary military control will be actioned.

It’s OK, He’s a Democrat: Ted Lieu Funnels Campaign Cash to Stanford University – Then Son Admitted to School 

  • Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) made a pair of $25,000 contributions to Stanford University in 2017 and 2018. Lieu had two teenage sons at the time.
  • RedState reported on this in May 2019.
  • Via Redstate — Here is the FEC Form 3, Schedule B, showing a $25,000 “donation” on June 29, 2018.
  • earlier today RealBFolks on Twitter reported that after the lavish campaign cash donations Ted Lieu’s second son was admitted into Harvard.
  • RealBFolks was suspended from Twitter after posting the tweet.
  • It is likely Rep. Lieu or his staff notified the special portal offered to Leftist government officials to have the account taken down.
  • It’s all part of the “Twitter Partner Status.”