“Brian Cates is a deep state hack.” The Professor’s Record – David Clements

After delivering a stunning and right-on-target presentation yesterday (besides participating in several panel discussions during the three-day Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium, David Clements, known as The Professor’s Record on Telegram, offered his opinion and assessment of how it went.

In this particular post, Clements attacks the media. Pay special attention to his postscript about Brian Cates, which has elicited a good portion of the nearly a thousand responses/comments.

“If a SNAKE news media rag lies to you about Mike Lindell, why would you expect the same SNAKE news media rag to tell you the truth about Joshua Merritt?

Use your common sense.

The media lies about everything that promotes truth.

Are you keeping a list of who I have placed in my foxhole?

It’s a small list.

Enemies abound.

God sees all.

God wins.

The enemy seeks to destroy those that speak truth.

Joshua Merritt is being destroyed by the SNAKE news media.

Use your discernment.

Joshua Merritt was instrumental in avoiding traps set by the enemy at the Cyber Symposium.

This angered the enemy.

The enemy lies.

History will remember Joshua Merritt as the selfless American patriot I know him to be.

P.S. – Brian Cates is a deep state hack.


Comments range from shock to complete agreement with Clements’ assessment of Brian Cates. As for me, I have swung in both directions about Cates. I’m taking a wait and see approach. I’m sure Cates will have something to say about it… let’s see what it is.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. From what I can see, Cates is a BlowHard. He isn’t helping matters….he complicates matters . Why? Hack? Or just self absorbed and overly impressed with his own ego?
    Wants the light shone on Brian Cates….and the Truth, not so much. To me, it’s just BLAH BLAH BLAH when it comes to Cates. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll pass.

    1. I believe they are. What was proven yesterday? Fingerprints. More clues. More data. When it all reaches critical mass, the prisons all over America won’t be big enough to house all these traitors. Guess we’ll have to hang ’em high.

  2. I read Cates, but don’t agree with him on lot of issues. I think he likes to pat self on back, and some he has attacked, I don’t see. Watch him from a far distance.

  3. My opinion of Brian Cates is that he runs hot and cold, often in the same day, alwysa willing to change his loyalty at a moment’s notice. That shows he is like so many rino hacks and fakes, he is hedging his bets to be always on the ‘correct’ side. He has outlived his usefulness when his words cannot be trusted, and the loyalty and integrity he was once thought to hold onto, is gone.

    His statements of displeasure at having WASTED time at the Mike Lindell Symposium all day long because of the electronic difficulties which were due to HACKING, not caused by Mike Lindell are disrespectful. Cates took the disruption of the presentation as HIS personal loss. Cates’ inability to cover the FACTS he knew to be true because of those hackers ruining the presentation. are simply Cates blaming Mike Lindell for these acts of violence against Lindell’s Freedom of Speech! Cates did not even notice that LINDELL’s ‘Rights were being REMOVED ON THE VIDEO!

    A Patriot does not turn in the wind every few hours or even once in the same day, changing thier loyalty with temper tantrums about their own importance, threatening to leave the event at a certain time if he does not hear something specific or have some specific information he can use for his own event coverage!

    I watched the day’s events and could easily see that there were SERIOUS problems that were OBVIOUSLY, not being caused by Mike Lindell, his staff or his equipment. I COULD SEE THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING NEFARIOUS GOING ON with the equipment and/or VIDEO during the presentation by watching the video of the event from 3500+ miles away, on a PC Monitor in a southern state. I was saddened that the entire presentation was not smooth and was ruined to prevent the IMPORTANT FACTS FROM BEING SHONE CLEARLY. I knew I would be able to see the presentation hopefully within a few days. But, as far as Cates’ disrespectful response to the situation, and to Mike Lindell’s difficulties at this time, I must say, “BRIAN CATES, YOU’RE FIRED!”

  4. Brian Cates is an evil son of a bitch who doxxes individual people who make comments that triggered his narcissistic ego. He has ruined a person’s live that cannot defend himself. This POS is worse than Mike Rothschild and is just using the truth to grift, advance himself and all the idiots in the truth movement do not see the game he is playing.

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