After delivering a stunning and right-on-target presentation yesterday (besides participating in several panel discussions during the three-day Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium, David Clements, known as The Professor’s Record on Telegram, offered his opinion and assessment of how it went.

In this particular post, Clements attacks the media. Pay special attention to his postscript about Brian Cates, which has elicited a good portion of the nearly a thousand responses/comments.

“If a SNAKE news media rag lies to you about Mike Lindell, why would you expect the same SNAKE news media rag to tell you the truth about Joshua Merritt?

Use your common sense.

The media lies about everything that promotes truth.

Are you keeping a list of who I have placed in my foxhole?

It’s a small list.

Enemies abound.

God sees all.

God wins.

The enemy seeks to destroy those that speak truth.

Joshua Merritt is being destroyed by the SNAKE news media.

Use your discernment.

Joshua Merritt was instrumental in avoiding traps set by the enemy at the Cyber Symposium.

This angered the enemy.

The enemy lies.

History will remember Joshua Merritt as the selfless American patriot I know him to be.

P.S. – Brian Cates is a deep state hack.


Comments range from shock to complete agreement with Clements’ assessment of Brian Cates. As for me, I have swung in both directions about Cates. I’m taking a wait and see approach. I’m sure Cates will have something to say about it… let’s see what it is.