Let’s hear from Brian Cates in his own words

And make up our own minds. My opinion? I think he is on the level in this 20-minute report. He stated the facts, told the truth, and gave credit where it was due.

Take twenty and see what YOU think:

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Did you trust Dan Crenshaw? He was good at it until he got cocky. Had everyone . fooled . That was his job. Cates has the same smell. He offers nothing but his opinion. Nary a solution. Hacks are not hacks if they are not good at hacking.

    1. Despite being off-putted by Cates’ snark, I continue to follow him because he digs for the facts, regardless of where it takes him. He has an inquisitive mind, and isn’t afraid to report what he’s found. Much of what I have posted here (do a word search for “Brian Cates”) I have done so to bring the information he’s uncovered to you, the reader. FYI – Cates is deaf, and has overcome that handicap to be able to communicate verbally and in writing. As he says, he covers the full story and he’s not in it to win a popularity contest.

  2. I can agree that Cates is an amazing investigator and he is really good at delivering the facts. I just get this feeling in my gut when I read his stuff. It’s hard to explain but I am wary of the things he says.

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