Mark Finchem just said that the ‘major auditing houses’ were contacted to conduct the audit in Maricopa County and their response was, “we’ll have to take a pass because we have government contracts that are at risk.” 

I wonder if Rachel Maddow will make her audience aware of this the next time she drags the Cyber Ninjas through the mud. 

I won’t hold my breath…

Good morning Patriots 🇺🇸

I see a lot of people angry about Trump’s recent statement where he said “do you miss me yet?”…

Just want to remind you that this message isn’t for YOU. It is for those who are still sleeping. He needs to continuously point out how much better off America/the world was under his leadership. 

Nobody said this would be easy. Hang in there and try to stay strong – unplug if you need to. 

Stay strong, Patriots. Happy Friday!

Maddow apparently thinks that these next few days – and the rest of this month – are going to be hard for those who have gone down the “QAnon/Trump election fraud rabbit hole”….(because Lindell’s prediction of Trump returning in August appears not likely)

Oh Rachel, jokes on you! We are all happy, feeling good and laughing at your stupidity. YOU, my friend, are in for really tough times ahead. 

We are a resilient community of Patriots and we don’t lose faith as easily as liberals do. So try again, bud. 

Watch what happens 😎 — TheStormHasArrived17, TELEGRAM