Mike Lindell was attacked going into his hotel room on Wednesday evening

This is NOT at game. Prayers for Mike’s safety.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. The Hate for this very nice gentleman is Outrageous and uncalled for. He definitely needs our Prayers and also a Security TEAM around him and his wife at all times. I am so proud of him for not reacting to a brutal physical attack!!!
    This abuse cannot continue! I am thrilled he took a photo of the assailant, and hope they bury him under the jail. It gives South Dakota a very bad name and will keep visitors away. I will not travel there for any reason.
    I am certain Mrs. Lindell is horrified at this happening to them in their hotel! Totally UNACCEPTABLE! Prayers will be said many times today for God to BLESS and KEEP SAFE. Mr. and Mrs. Mike LINDELL, two God Fearing US Patriot Christians who are working tirelessly to SAVE the U.S. from the scourge of the Evil and Criminal Cabal of Communism. God is Watching and so are the Good Citizens of the United States who are determined to rid our country of evil.
    I hope the South Dakota BUREAU of Investigation is called on this act of violence.

  2. Again I say, Mike just give us the word and I’ll round up a crew to watch your back. This man needs Patriots surrounding him.

    1. Tammi Kay, You are AMAZING! It is wonderful that you are able and willing to get a crew of Patriots together to Guard and Protect our hero Mike Lindell! God Bless YOU!

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