If the election was held today, 37% of the folks would vote for Biden.”

He’s imploding, his regime is coming apart, and now the finger pointing and knife fighting is about to start. Look at that opening video where they are passing their babies over a concertina wire fence to our military, hoping to save them.

Biden and his cohorts have sowed the wind and now they’re reaping it… them and your sons and daughters of the deplorable.

They are cut and run and devil take the hindmost.

There’s horrific videos coming in from the region. Your sons and daughters are in the panic and they’re sending them back over with no plan. This is complete and total incompetence.”

Barris: A big part of this has to do with the failure of the economy. A lot. of the gains under Trump have been squandered. Registered voter economic Confidence Index is dropping, diving 11 points to 48.6. Grim and ugly.

Bannon: There’s nothing he (Biden) can do to buy off the American voters.

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Capt. Seth Keshel: We all took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to mismanage a theater of ops for 20 years… Trump knew it was a lost cause but had a strategic plan to draw down and reduce our presence there.

Ten irrefutable points: — first, Mesa County, CO — 5,000 excess Biden votes. 5,467 phantom voters.

  1. Bellwether counties — 19 counties perfect in aligning with the winner – Perfect predictions since 1980 (Washington county ME)
  2. OH IA FL NC won by same candidate 13 times – since 1896 – 100% Accurate – for the first time these states did NOT align with 2020 election results
  3. Share of Primary vote. Key indicator of an incumbent’s strength. Hoover: 36% — Ford 53.3% — Carter 51.1 — HWBush 72.8%
  4. Eisenhower and Nixon = 85 and 86% of Primary vote
  5. Trump had 94% in 2020, defying history of 108 years of primaries
  6. Incumbent vote gain – 3 campaign that lost votes and still became president
  7. Voter registration by party – extremely predictable
  8. PA = R’s outnumbered Ds

Couldn’t keep up. Will post entire show here as an addendum later today.

Keshel segment: