“Personal choice is a fundamental human right. Forcing something into the body of a person violates that right. 

No one has ever said the virus was not real. What we have an issue with is the rebuke of prophylactics that work that would eliminate the need for a vaccine. MRNA vaccines are not proven or safe. If you say every life matters, than giving people the right to choose their risk level is not trivial. Therefore it should not bother people that those who choose to opt out of the vaccine, decline. 

There is something sinister about our leadership on both sides of the aisle when they abandon freedoms, force vaccines, allow tech companies to serve as a proxy for the radical left in stealing our rights and our military weakened and exposed… and I have not even begun to talk about everything else that is falling apart… 

Time to take a stand and evict these clowns on both sides of the aisle. It is happening and no amount of head in the sand syndrome will save you. Only you standing with me and others will save you… real talk….

God can only help if we stand in faith for goodness and act in that faith.”

–Joe Oltmann, Telegram