Patel Patriot writes…

I’ve mentioned the social media site Free Atlantis before. I’ll mention it again now. There are some great minds there. Check out this thread from Andre and be sure to sign up over on Free Atlantis. Well worth your time.

Excerpt: “Let us look at an example of natural justice:

It is all too common, these days, to discover that an athlete has been cheating using performance enhancing drugs. Sometimes the discovery is made after the race is run, once samples taken after the race are analyzed. In the event the gold medal winner is discovered to have cheated, what do they do?

Do they reconvene the Olympics and run the race again absent the drug cheat and award the medal to the winner of that race? No. That would be absurd. Impractical. Not common sense or natural justice. They retrieve the gold medal from the cheater, give it to the second place finisher, and alter the record to reflect the corrected result.”

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