Once peo­ple are vac­ci­nat­ed, they can­not donate plas­ma.

Red Cross Vaccine Alert

September 2, 2021

Any­one who has received their “Vac­cine” cannot donate con­va­les­cent plas­ma to oth­er Covid patients.

The Vac­cine wipes out nat­ur­al Covid anti­bod­ies mak­ing the con­va­les­cent plas­ma inef­fec­tive for treatment.

Once peo­ple are vac­ci­nat­ed, they can­not donate plas­ma. The vac­cine caus­es spike anti­bod­ies, and for con­va­les­cent plas­ma, they need nucle­o­cap­sid antibodies.

PHOENIX – While it’s promis­ing to see peo­ple get­ting vac­ci­nat­ed for COVID-19, a new prob­lem that blood banks face is less con­va­les­cent plas­ma donations.

The rea­son why: after you get the vac­cine, you can­not donate plas­ma. So what does that mean for peo­ple in the hos­pi­tal with COVID-19 who need it? Vita­lant blood bank said right now, one in every four patients hos­pi­tal­ized with COVID requires a con­va­les­cent plas­ma transfusion.


Due to the decline in hos­pi­tal demand and because the Red Cross and our indus­try part­ners have been able to build a suf­fi­cient sup­ply of con­va­les­cent plas­ma to meet the fore­see­able needs of COVID-19 patients the Red Cross stopped col­lect­ing con­va­les­cent plas­ma com­plete­ly on June 14.

Notice how the Red Cross does NOT deny that the vac­cine wipes out nat­ur­al anti­bod­ies in those who have had the vac­cine, but instead they tell you the claim is not “accu­rate” because they have stopped accept­ing plas­ma since enough plas­ma has already been col­lect­ed and they don’t need anymore.

This is high­ly decep­tive lan­guage which will deflect the truth from any­one not pay­ing close atten­tion to the pars­ing. The ques­tions direct­ly above this one in the Q and A tell you straight up that the plas­ma is dif­fer­ent and …. WAIT FOR IT …. that only the plas­ma from the UNVACCINATED meets their requirements:

“One of the Red Cross require­ments for plas­ma from rou­tine blood and platelet dona­tions that test pos­i­tive for high-lev­els of anti­bod­ies to be used as con­va­les­cent plas­ma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vac­cine. This is to ensure that anti­bod­ies col­lect­ed from donors have suf­fi­cient anti­bod­ies direct­ly relat­ed to their immune response to a COVID-19 infec­tion and not just the vac­cine, as anti­bod­ies from an infec­tion and anti­bod­ies from a vac­cine are not the same.”

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  1. How can the Red Cross say they’ve collected “enough” unless they know the exact number of people who will need the plasma … or the number they will give it to.
    Two separate and distinct groups.

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