Six Lies Biden Told about Afghanistan


6 lies Joe Biden told about Afghanistan

  • How can any American believe anything President Biden says after he’s lied so blatantly about an Afghanistan evacuation he claims was an “extraordinary success”?
  • LIE: “Americans understand we’re going to try and get it done before Aug. 31,” President Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Aug. 19. “And if there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.” He reiterated the promise the next day at the White House: “But let me be clear, any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.”
  • TRUTH: Even Biden himself admits Americans remain stranded in Afghanistan as he withdrew the last US forces before getting them home. “Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave,” he said Tuesday. US Central Command head Gen. Frank McKenzie confirmed the day before that some Americans trying to escape couldn’t get to the Kabul airport — and the last five jets left without a single American on board.
  • LIE: “We’re making the same commitment,” Biden said Aug. 20, to Afghans who assisted America in the war effort, “those Afghans who have worked alongside us, served alongside of us, gone into combat with us and provided invaluable assistance to us,” he said. “They’re equally important, almost.”
  • TRUTH: On Wednesday, a senior State Department official confessed to NBC News that “the majority of Afghans who helped” the United States “didn’t make it out of Kabul.” The official didn’t have the number of special immigrant visa applicants who remain in Afghanistan but said “it’s the majority of them.”
  • LIE: “The United States stands by its commitment that we’ve made to these people, and it includes other vulnerable Afghans, such as women leaders and journalists,” Biden said Aug. 20.
  • TRUTH: Team Biden didn’t even ensure American-employed journalists made it to safety. Five hundred US Agency for Global Media journalists, working for outlets such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and their family members were left to the mercy of the Taliban, who have already begun bullying Afghan reporters. Sources told USA Today that “miscommunication” and “the Taliban not clearing them for exit” were to blame. Just 50 US-sponsored journalists made it out — thanks to other governments, not our own.
  • LIE: Asked by a reporter July 8, “Do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in Vietnam,” Biden was indignant. “None whatsoever. Zero.”
  • TRUTH: Not even a month after Biden spoke those words, pictures came from Kabul of a US helicopter flying over the American embassy. Nearly 200 Americans fled the Baron Hotel on Chinooks when they couldn’t reach the Kabul airport, just 650 feet away, any other way.
  • LIE: Biden vowed to continue providing the Afghan army with air support. “I’ll insist we continue to keep the commitments we made of providing close air support, making sure that their air force functions and is operable,” he said Aug. 10. He’d made the promise to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a July 23 phone call that was leaked Wednesday. “We will continue to provide close air support,” Biden said. “And all the way through the end of August, and who knows what after that.”

President Joe Biden whimpers while delivering remarks on the Kabul airport attack and 13 US service members being killed in the White House on August 26, 2021.EPA

  • TRUTH: The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 14, “In the wake of President Biden’s withdrawal decision, the US pulled its air support, intelligence and contractors servicing Afghanistan’s planes and helicopters. That meant the Afghan military simply couldn’t operate anymore.” That puts paid to Biden’s repeated claim that the Afghan army simply folded because it didn’t want to fight.
  • LIE: “Your own intelligence community has assessed that the Afghan government will likely collapse,” a reporter told the president July 8, to which a defensive Biden responded, “That is not true.” He added that “the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”
  • TRUTH: In fact, Biden knew the Taliban were overtaking the Afghan government — and asked Ghani to lie about it. The perception “is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” Biden said. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.” Ghani gave him the facts: “We are facing a full-scale invasion, composed of Taliban, full Pakistani planning and logistical support, and at least 10-15,000 international terrorists, predominantly Pakistanis thrown into this.” Biden ignored them.


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