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  1. Yes, Wendy but they are so useful for politicians because the regulations and activities of these entities take the place of bills and other legislation. Thereby giving cover to the politician who can complain about them and enjoy the fact that they did not have to go on the record and vote. The agencies do the dirty work, you can’t fight City Hall, and the politician complains and gets to pretend they are against the unconstitutional regulatory activity of the IRS, EPA, and the rest of the Communists.

    Let’s see a president and congress work together to get rid of the IRS, EPA, FDA, Dept. of Ed, and other piles of excrement instead of just talking about it.

    I know Wendy does not hold federal office so she has a right to bitch. Maybe AZ should send her to the Senate once the 2 illegally elected senators have to be replaced.

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