If you go looking for evil people doing evil all day, you will find it.  If  you spend all your time outraging yourself over their evil, you will burn out.  You will get depressed.

You need balance. You need to spend more time finding examples of people standing up for GOOD and for their rights.  The enemy does what the enemy does and they do it all day long and if all you do is watch the enemy, you can get the idea the enemy is winning and we aren’t getting anywhere.  You need to shift your focus. You’re not educating yourself about what the enemy is doing, you’re reached a point you are depressing and outraging yourself all day while not accomplishing anything.

I used to call this the “Perpetual Outrage Circus”. There are sites that do nothing all day but put up outrage stories. “OMG LOOK! JUST LOOK AT WHAT THE BASTARDS HAVE DONE NOW!!!!”  Day in, day out, 24/7.  And it’s not HEALTHY.

If you join The Perpetual Outrage Circus, you will burn out emotionally after awhile.