– 2:15 where’s John Durham? John Durham is alive. John Durham is well & John Durham is doing his job. I believe John Durham has been doing his job.

 – 2:50 Perkins Coie lawyer, Perkins Coie, don’t forget that name. Keep your eyes on Perkins Coie, keep you eye on Mark Elias. It may down the road be subject to indictments from John Durham.

– 7:10 When is Durham coming back? Durham never left. Just like President Trump, President Trump never left. I believe John Durham is investigating, 

potential criminal wrong doing, and efforts to commit treason against the United States…. I think John Durham has a lot of work on his hands still to do. 

– 13:13 due to the EO, 13848– I believe we caught them in four separate elections. 

    – 2018, Mid terms

    – 2020, November

    – 2021, Georgia Senate runoff

    – 2021, CA, Newsome Recall

Thats called compelling overwhelming evidence

– 16:30 re: Joe Biden & who’s running the country? Somethings not normal. Somethings not right…. The Biden character looks different at different times… I believe we are in the process of an operation to save freedom & democracy in America. 

– 24:30  The “Woke” General Mark Milley. Him being woke is inconsistent with the body of his life’s work. He’s a hard Corp Army man and is now after 3 to four years, he’s woke? I don’t know… as a lawyer, I try to wait to hear all the evidence before making a verdict. Milley may be a traitor… or he may be a Patriot. Time will tell.

– 26:05 The Joint Chiefs of Staff, have NO CONTROL over combatants. They’re like policy makers, they talk & go to cocktail parties.they don’t control the combination aspect of the United States Military. I believe the Military is under the control of the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump. Trump wanted us out of Afghanistan. We’re now out of Afghanistan.

– 29:07 I believe the enemy planned to release covid in the fourth year of Hillary’s presidency. She lost but they went ahead with their plan. Covid is the flu. It’s a virulent flu that attacks the respiratory system. It was a man made flu, patented in 2001. The vaccines for covid were patented in 2017, 2018, & 2019… Operation Warpspeed forced their hand. President Trump will play his hand; he has the Trump card.

-42:40 We were fooled in 9/11 by CGI. Deep state tried to cover up the trillions of dollars they stole.

– 42:50 The Afghanistan plane was fake. The C-5 engine would have blown you away & deafon you with the sound. There’s a man standing behind the engine on his cell phone.