24 State Attorney Generals Issue Letter to President Biden Threatening Lawsuit Over His Federal Vaccine Mandate 

  • Twenty-four state attorney generals are threatening to sue the Biden administration over the federal vaccine mandate that it earlier issued by executive order. On Thursday, the state AGs delivered a letter to the Biden administration on the lawsuit they intend to bring if it does not rescind its federal mandate.
  • “We, the Attorneys General of 24 states, write in opposition to your attempt to mandate the vaccination of private citizens,” the AGs’ letter reads. “On September 9, you announced that you would be ordering the Department of Labor to issue an emergency temporary standard, under the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act , which would mandate that private sector employers require most of their employees to either get a COVID-19 shot, submit to weekly testing, or be fired. Your plan is disastrous and counterproductive. From a policy perspective, this edict is unlikely to win hearts and minds-it will simply drive further skepticism. And at least some Americans will simply leave the job market instead of complying.”

Source: beckernews.com

Nicki Minaj to Democratic Party In Livestream: “I’m Not One Of Those People That Ya’ll Are Gonna Be Able to Do This With”

  • Nicki Minaj claps back against the Democratic Party, who have allegedly reached out to Minaj in order to talk about Vaccine skepticism.
  • Minaj called out how the left-wing media and the Democrats have attacked her “personally” when you don’t follow the Democratic party narrative exactly. Here is what she said on her livestream: