Former Def. Sec. Leon Panetta confirms Milley’s treason, was in on the phone calls to Communist China

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Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on Gen. Milley’s call: “President [Trump] was appointing political people to key positions at the Defense Department. […]We were concerned about what the President might do.”

Brian Cates: “Whoa they are all freakin admitting it”

Cates continued: “Christopher Miller and ECW [Ezra Cohen Watnik] scared them that much?

First time I’ve heard Christopher Miller and ECW described as ‘political people’ who’s appointments after the election somehow would justify some kind of military coup by Milley with some civilian direction by a key Clinton ally, Panetta.

In case people don’t remember all the twists and turns of the Flynn case up to the time he had fired his previous defense team of Covington & Burling and hired Sidney Powell:  Allow me to briefly detail the highlights of how the Trump/Russia collusion hoax continues to play out in the in the Flynn perjury case. It has now been more than four years since Hillary Clinton’s paid operatives at Fusion GPS launched the scheme:

1) For 11 months from October 2016 to September 2017, based largely on Christopher Steele’s fake dossier, the FBI engages in spying on Trump and associates, including General Flynn

2) In November of 2017 the Special Counsel decides to prosecute General Flynn for allegedly making a false statement to federal agents

3) Flynn agrees to plead guilty & cooperate with other Mueller investigations/prosecutions of people for FARA violations. He enters his plea on December 1, 2016.

4) The Mueller Special Counsel investigation continues for two years

5) Flynn’s sentencing is delayed for two years as he cooperates in the Rafiekian case

6) The Mueller Special Counsel finally ends in February 2019, exposing the fact the entire Flynn farce was started by a hoax. Mueller and his team couldn’t find any evidence that Flynn or any other Trump associate were working with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

7) The two FBI agents who framed Flynn for perjury turn out to be unbelievably corrupt: Peter Strzok and Joseph Pientka. Strzok famously testifies in a very contentious hearing before Congress and is subsequently fired from the FBI for cause. Pientka literally becomes a ghost and completely disappears. Unlike every single other SpyGate main figure, Pientka is not seen or heard from over the ensuing three years.

8) Evidence emerges that the Flynn 302 form – the sole documentary evidence of the case for Flynn’s supposed perjury – was tampered with by former FBI counsel and Strzok partner, Lisa Page.

9) In the Fall of 2019, government prosecutors are finally ready to make use of Flynn in their FARA case against Rafiekian, but Flynn discovers that government lead prosecutor Brandon Van Grack wants him to lie under oath. There is no real case against Rafiekian without Flynn’s testimony that the Turkish government was the real client of Flynn & Rafiekian’s lobbying activity.

10) Flynn refuses to lie under oath, and the prosecutors do not call upon him to testify. The jury convicts Rafiekian anyway. The judge tosses the verdict and acquits him.

11) Inspector General Horowitz releases his long anticipated FISA Abuse report in December of 2019, detailing the slimy corrupt activities of the FBI. In the report, we learn that the FBI skirted all rules and regulations and hid exculpatory evidence in order to secure the Carter Page FISA warrant. This same flagrant abuse of power was used to justify launching counter-intelligence investigations targeting Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos.

12) In January 2020, the government prosecutors tell Judge Sullivan they want a prison sentence of up to six months for Flynn for “sabotaging” their Rafiekian case.

13) General Flynn files a motion to revoke his plea, in a scathing document that excoriates the governments dirty tricks.

So, in a very basic nutshell, that is how we got to where things are now.

It is now five years since anybody heard from FBI Special Agent Joseph Pientka.

Obama’s attempting his 3rd term thru Biden. Only Biden’s facing organized and entrenched opposition in the states that Obama never contended with.  More than half the states are openly defying Biden and telling him to go eff himself.  They have no idea how to respond to that other than bluster and whining about withholding federal money.