Reader who pens under the name “AnOldPieceOfLeather” left this interesting comment to my post “Bad Moon Rising.” I thought you’d enjoy reading it in case you missed it…

“They” will continue their banging away with their agenda. It’s almost like they have blinders on and don’t see or want to see the growing resistance. In a clinical sense their actions or lack of reaction appears to me the same as a severely autistic persons’ uncontrollable repetitive motion activity. It’s almost as if “they” aren’t capable to recognizing what they are doing and it’s automated motion. A perfect example is when DHS Sec.Mayorka repeatedly since February for months has said, “The southern border is closed and secure” arrogantly with his nose in the air, all the while hundreds of thousands of illegals have poured in our southern border for months. Khazarian criminal.

I doubt they will stop on their own. I strongly believe we’re (collectively) going to stop them. 

The Navy goal posts are set for Nov. 28 for jabbing their personnel. That’s a little over two months from now and I have a feeling enough will happen between now and then that will crash their party. Stay with me …

It’s possible there are some people who aren’t aware of the atmosphere in the college football stadiums across the nation. It seems “F**k Joe Biden” has been a very prominent pre-game chant and has become extremely popular. It EVEN happened at the NY Giants / NY Mets baseball game last week. Shocked me! 

Then there’s the popular and trendy female rap star Nikki Minaj who made statements on social media questioning the jab. Apparently she has over 22 MILLION followers on social media. She has received a lot of flak from leftoonatics on social media and non-humans like Joyless Reid and Racial Madcow. She gave them all flak back and has dug in her heels. She’s clearly an Alpha. Winning.

Even if you can’t stand ‘rap’ (like me – it’s nails on an chalk board) I highly recommend going to YouTube and listening to Tom McDonald. He’s completely independent, produces everything including his videos and isn’t a slave to any west coast labels/criminals. He has produced many patriotic rap videos exposing the deep state/cabal agenda and they’re actually quite good – for rap. The lyrics are very clear and so are his messages, which are very, very clear. I’ve actually watched several of them multiple times, all the way through, and I’ve *never* done that with any rap tune or video. MOAB.

The point, if it’s not clear, is the younger generation is becoming very awake – en mass. Read the comments on Toms’ videos – they’re quite worth reading and extremely encouraging. We need the Gens Y, Z and millennials’ support and those are his target audience. That is damn powerful.

Multiple actions are happening within a closer time frame and are more noticeable, on top of what I mentioned above:

– The Durham indictment of Sussman. It’s just one charge but packed full of deep state actors who will be nakedly exposed, potentially enough for RICO charges, at minimum, and possibly treason (interference with a national election and/or insurrection). This is going to explode with incriminating evidence on the actors who were involved with Crossfire Hurricane. YUGE BOOM.

-That’s just the start. Durham is holding at least 2,000 indictments. Wait until Huber pops his head up, hopefully very soon. He’s a pit bull. Garland can’t do a damn thing about them.

– The Arizona forensic audit report is being presented to the Arizona Senate this Friday at 1:00 (their time). I don’t know if it will be pubic but I sure hope so, I’d love to watch it. I expect bones will shatter.

– JCoS Traitor gen. [intentional lower case] willie Milley and his co-conspirator goon SecDef Austin are within a hair of being formally investigated. Senator Sessions is one of the signatures on the letter demanding an investigation regarding the disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan. It’s very possible SoS Blinken can be also held responsible for the disaster. Remember the Q posts about Sessions? He’s now activated. Betcha Space Force has the recordings of Milleys’ phone calls. Heh. I doubt there’s a big enough carpet to sweep that under.

– There is a nationwide lawsuit for active duty military – for all departments – being filed this week. Sidney Powells’ Defend the Republic is signed on.

– There are many Q posts about the stock market crashing. Guess what’s happening now? If congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling the radical massive “green bill” can’t be passed and the government will have to shut down in October. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and another D rep aren’t going to vote on the $3.5 Trillion Democrat Pocket Money bill. You might as well hang on to your stocks until this circus is over.

We know why “they” are doing what they’re doing. They won’t succeed.


God wins.