Is FOX “news” a cocaine addiction?

Is it Stockholm Syndrome?

Do people enjoy being lied to and manipulated by the only mainstream news station that sometimes puts up the colors red, white, and blue?

Seems that people just need to comment about “but Fox is saying Biden won!”

Listen – Fox News was THE key player in the election theft. They are protecting their investment in calling ARIZONA. It was necessary. 

Because of the Stockholm addiction, 70% of Trump voters watched Fox News coverage. Trump got NC, FL, OH, IA, TX, and had GA, was crushing it in PA, MI, WI, so Arizona was the emergency brake. 

That call, combined with the stoppage of the counts in the rust belt, put people to bed. “It’s not gonna be won tonight.”  Then MI and WI were snatched overnight. 

Arizona to Trump would have meant PA or MI was a win on election night. No one would have gone to bed. 

You can thank Fox News for their role in stealing 2020, and you’re a fool to click one more link or watch one more show, no matter if you like a host or two, or not.