Jarrin Jackson:

Just got off phone re a lawsuit targeted against mandatory vax for military.


There’s a legit path to thwarting this.

Hope is in Christ, not government or earthly courts.

Still, we abide by our laws & our system bc this is our home & we dont want to become the enemy we now fight.

Now, go to war.

Godless commies use the “left/right” paradigm to control us.

By saying either left or right, our language doesnt entertain any alternatives.

Moreover, by limiting to left and right, one of them is the BEST option.

You see how that works?

Now, to Lin’s point, how many of them are pushing for forensic audits?

You see how this works?

These governors are good to “push back against federal overreach” but are unwilling to investigate the 2020 fraudulent elections?

Godless commies…


HR4350 – 2022 Natl Defense Authorization Act

Passed the House yesterday.

Drafting women into military

“Red flag” gun confiscation

And more.

Folks, never EVER give up your firearms.

It’s not a conspiracy theory if the theory is validated.

Then, it’s a conspiracy.

The godless commies who stole our country arent going to just give it back bc we’re mad.

Roll the sleeves up, patriots.

Now, go to war.

Just a combat veteran vlogging about operational lessons learned. Video made SOLELY for the purposes of equipping citizens with capacity to better understand & value their veterans’ hard lessons learned…

NOT distributed for ANY reason of subversive or defensive improvement with respect to tyranny or escalation of government abuse.

Not. At. All.