The Washington Post is falsely branding the #AZAudit a “recount.”

It was an audit, not a recount.

It doesn’t matter how many times you count a stuffed ballot box – the ballot box was still stuffed! 

It was stuffed with AT LEAST 57K ballots in AZ. That’s what the audit found 


Senator Petersen — ‘Law enforcement needs to be involved, they broke the law with duplicate ballots’…

The Truth About the Arizona Audit

Read the full report here:


Wendy Rogers

41 Legislators from Multiple States Write a Letter to the American People Calling for a 50-State Audit, Decertification Where Appropriate, and Possible Convening of the US House of Representatives

“Our representative republic suffered a corrupted 2020 election…

“We call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”