From Praying Medic to the media and doubting doom and groomers…

“Dear dimwits:

2022 and 2024 mean nothing until 2020 is fixed.

AZ findings:

23,344 mail in ballots were counted despite the fact that no one lives there.

17,322 duplicate ballots

5,000 people voted in more than one county

9,041 mail in voters returned more ballots than were sent.

255,000 early votes do not have  a corresponding record in the County’s voter file.

I am 117% certain that the 117 Perkins Coie attorneys will get their butts kicked before this is over.

Liz Harris estimates that 170,000 voters had their votes stolen…

and 96,000 votes could not have been cast by the people who supposedly cast them.”

“I almost used the ‘F’ word. 

“It would have been so much more effective…

Maybe later on!”


— “Don’t say that, you stupid son of a bitch!” 

[Standing Ovation]

— POTUS on Jan 6th: “I think in the end, it’s all going to work out.”

Trump (as always) promised to extract trillions in reparations from China because of the virus.

(Reparations are typically paid by a nation that loses a war. )

Every time Trump cusses, an anon gets his wings.