“I’m not worried at all.

I wish everyone felt that way. I’m not naive to the evil all around us, and the tightening vice of tyranny. I remember feeling sick to my stomach last summer when I began to ponder a future with Trump not re-elected. 

Then when all of this went down, and I took action, the fear went away. 

Republics come and go. Nation states realign and dissolve. History marches on. There are now 47 European nations. Just before WW1, there were 14. 

So if your view of a resolution to our current crisis is Union at all costs, and Trump gets 3 more years in office, then it is a short sighted one. If we are free people only when a certain man is president, are we truly free?

Our liberties do not hinge on Republicans in a corrupt state voting to decertify an election, or neglecting to do so. They owe it to America, both parties, to decertify. You know one side won’t, not a single member, and you also know that barring an extreme surprise, RINOs will refuse to touch it. This doesn’t mean we don’t use all resources to force it to a vote and retire every member who refuses to do what is right. 

But you’re free even if your government doesn’t honor that. The man in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square was a free man because he chose to be one.  

People behaving as free people inspire others to take up a lifestyle of freedom. Remember when 95% of the grocery store was masked? Only when enough people would go out in public without them, did you see them gradually disappear. 90% of people are just along for the ride. 10% lead the way. 

This loss of freedom has been in the works for over a century. You are reaping the Stage 4 cancer side of this decline. The symptoms are more obvious than before. But you are the change. Your appetite for resolution of the 2020 election should not lapse based on the predictable actions of corrupt, human scum like Doug Ducey, or gutless Republican politicians. It should not only have drive behind it if Trump becomes president again. The books written for posterity will record the truth of November 2020, come hell or high water. We can leave results up to God. Read the book – story after story of God’s people up against a wall, or a sea, with no way to win. Even in modern history, look at Dunkirk. We will fail if we think it all comes down to us. God will bring about righteousness for his honor if we act in courage. 

Be done with fear today.

The Red Sea moment is coming. 

There is no way to win, no way over our obstacles, until there is. 

It is supposed to be this way if you believe everything is about God. If all that there is is under his purview, his authority. 

Because if we were the ones that could make the way, we would not need God. He uses our action steps and our faith and then acts. It may not be today, tomorrow, or in ten years. But God.

FROG = Full Reliance On God”