Brin Cates offers his opinion:

National Guard members who are medically trained could be deployed in New York hospitals that face shortages due to a large number of staff members who refuse to be vaccined by Monday’s deadline.

…New York State is gearing up to throw anyone it can find into the gap caused in hospitals when its vaccine mandate takes effect.

They didn’t expect this mass noncompliance. They’re not ready for it.  Systems will break down and they’ll be forced to reverse themselves on the mandates.

Right now they are able to use the National Guard in some states as a stopgap. But in the coming weeks as vaccine mandate deadlines hit for the NG and thousands quit?  They’ll be forced to come up with something else.

These cabal members arrogantly thought they had enough Americans conditioned to comply.  Sure, they’re being overtaken by events and forced to speed up the endgame far faster than they want to but still…enough of us should comply to make it work, right? Boy were they WRONG about that.

NOBODY is going to be able to ignore this and not pay attention.  Corporate news media can’t hide it or spin it.  Society is going to come to a grinding halt over this vaccine insanity.  It can’t be spun. It can’t be hidden.  God wins. Trump wins. Everybody had to FEEL IT to destroy these bastards once and for all.  It’s not pleasant. It’s not fun. Sacrifices happened.  Ugly, horrible things. But there was no other way.  You can’t sit somebody down 2 years ago and say “Son…this is what they’re going to do.” You’d have been told you were A LUNATIC.