The Central Bank / World Economic Forum are moving forward with their great reset plan; Spain is now granting 400 euros to everyone who reaches the age of 18.

Britain’s Boris Johnson just said the quiet part out loud: they will be changing the economic system, the current one is not working.

UK’s Johnson says Britain embarking on new economic direction as nation hit by rising fuel prices and labour shortages

  • The British prime minister has vowed to take the UK economy in a new direction, defined by a movement towards “high wages and high skills” and away from cheap imported labour, amid fuel challenges and a shortage of workers.
  • On Wednesday, speaking to the Conservative faithful, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his government would press on with tackling “long term structural weaknesses” in the economy.
  • “We’re not going back to the same old broken model, with low wages, low growth, low skills and low productivity – all of it enabled, and assisted by uncontrolled immigration,” Johnson stated, referencing the Britain’s exit from the EU and its freedom of movement.
  • The prime minister contended it was a “long overdue” change of direction and the economy had to shift away from its reliance on cheap imported labour.

Central Bank supply chain capacity issue is about to hit the world, so buckle up.   They are walking down the path the Patriots set up and so they are destroying themselves.

Mike Beckham tweeted a lengthy thread about the situation.

There is a major storm brewing in the supply chain. It could dramatically impact everyone’s life next year, but almost no one knows about it yet. We are talking empty shelves, crazy inflation, etc. Here’s what I am learning about the problem from my contacts in China.


The Deep State is preparing for [zero-day], they have now weaponized social media with a fake whistleblower to push censorship across the internet. Twitch data was breached, timing is very interesting.

AG Merrick Garland’s daughter and son-in-law profit from CRT book contracts. Trump has now sent the message, you saw the fake insurrection on Jan 6th, now you will see the real insurrection, it was on No 3rd and the [DS] is not yet finished with the insurrection. Other Presidents have used the insurrection act and Trump is about to use it to stop the [DS].