“You need to ask if they’re assuming liability for forcing employees to take an unapproved vaccine.”

No more Hornady products for me, ever.

Either you support Freedom, or you don’t.

Hornady doesn’t. 👇

Looks like ammo manufacturer @TeamHornady decided to link up with Team Biden and force its employees to get jabbed or get fired. #2a people & other Patriots should remember this. There are other, better ammo mfgs who aren’t working for Biden & against their employees.

Instead of canceling your debt as promised, Biden is paying Navient $391,000,000 of your tax dollars to harass you for payments.

Navient donated to Biden’s campaign.

Confirmed: U.S. Atty John Huber passed the ball off to Special Counsel John Durham 

Durham is investigating the Clinton Foundation. Funding was approved. – QTAH

Watching the Dems attack Bannon in order to get to Trump is hilarious. What makes it even better is Bannon is still just doing shows, claiming downloads and pumping out information! These people never learn. How much more traffic are they going to drive to Bannon because of this!? 😂🇺🇸 — QTAH

They are trying to take Steve down because he is the number 1 media that is spreading truth and they the Deep Swamp Rats are trying to keep afloat but soon they will all drown. — SAMMY 22

House votes to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress

The Department of Justice will now decide whether to prosecute Bannon for contempt.

Which means absolutely nothing 

Bannon will still laugh at them.  – QTAH



Q proof from today. 

Future proves past.


Enjoy the show 🍿

“What if there’s another prosecutor (outside of DC) assigned by Sessions w/ the same mandate/authority?” 




“Stealth tech was around for 25 yrs before any of us normies ever saw it used in a war situation.  They are years ahead of anything you and I can imagine.  None of us have any idea what is parked up in space.  Why do you think SpaceForce is so important!” — Jeff Van Hammond