Trump-linked SPAC stock soars over 460 percent amid social media deal

New York Stock Exchange-listed shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. soared more than 460 percent Thursday.

The research & development of technology needed to build a robust social media platform is costly. Facebook, Google and Twitter succeeded largely because their research and development were funded by DARPA. Most social media platforms fail because they lack capital for R&D. 

Trump’s new company just raised a massive amount of capital in a single day from stock sales—money that can be used to fund R&D.

Why did so many investors buy stock in the company today?

Because investors believe in the Trump brand and they know people are looking for a legit alternative to big tech social media platforms.

I see people dissing Trump’s move to launch his own platform, speculating that it will be a flop.

If you know Trump, you know he isn’t going to put his name on a crappy social media platform. If he did, his enemies would never let him live it down. 

That’s not gonna happen.

I would bet on the new platform being as functional (or better) than anything available at present. — Praying Medic