“A brilliant friend recently wrote this about Trump & the vaccines: 

“I’ve recently gone to about 100,000 feet to look at why Trump says the Vaccines are his greatest achievement. Simply put, he knew the scale of the war!

We are facing genocide and a move towards the Reset. This required most of humanity to be in “lockstep” to ensure the unvaxxed freedom-lovers would be exterminated. This requires fear and a sense of entitlement. Think Nazi Germany.

The vax has removed both. People felt safe and calmed down. Leaky and dangerous vaccines have removed the confidence and entitlement from the future Nazi army – compliant citizens. He literally saved the world. We just haven’t worked it out yet.”

POTUS45 sent us an inspiring message this morning. Listen to what he says: 

“Keep up the fight. It’s all coming together. Tremendous things are happening.” 💥 

Forwarded from Pepe Deluxe:

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If this one doesn’t light your 🔥, your wood is wet

Remember when President Trump said “Before 2022 something has to be done.” 

We’re ready Sir. We Stand with You. 

Just for clarity 🙂