Question: Should the Southwest Airline pilot who signed off his greeting to passengers with “Let’s Go Brandon” be fired?



Here’s what some are tweeting:

The “Let’s Go Brandon” stuff is stupid, childish nonsense you see among teens trying to speak in code. The Southwest pilot was an idiot for saying it and knew full well what he was doing. Everyone on the right and left on here are losing their minds over the dumbest stuff.

The authoritarians more angry at a Southwest Pilot for saying“Let’s go Brandon”then they are at a President that is pressuring States to fire;Police Officers, Fireman, Nurses and other First Responders who only a year ago were hailed as heroes, is proof they have lost their souls

The Babylon Bee:

Good for that Southwest Airlines pilot. I wonder if any of those who gasped at “Let’s Go Brandon” also gasped when they Heard old Joe pooped in his own pants in front to the Pope. Poor liberals, always disgusted and outraged at all the wrong things.

Southwest often has light hearted greetings / good byes. Let’s go Brandon was the pilot trying to be cute. American Communists, like commies before them, treat political disagreement as mental illness. That’s going to be a much bigger trend in the 20’s.

The Southwest pilot who signed off saying “Let’sGoBrandon” needs a serious raise…

Liberals are LOSING it over this one!!

Southwest Air should fire the MAGA pilot who said “Let’s Go Brandon” over Intercom I really don’t need to know my pilot is a member of the Trump-covid death cult and a likely terrorist. It’s embarrassing

A pilot should be fired for saying, “Let’s Go Brandon”? Lol. The Biden Administration should be fired for allowing drug cartels to traffic thousands of people & move significant weight across the southern border. The outrage over a pilot is just silly in comparison.

Let’s go Brandon is a cultural meme. As with most memes, it holds different meaning for different people. It’s not violent. It’s not vulgar, it isn’t MAGA. 71% of the country feels like we are on the wrong track. That’s a solid majority.

If you want an idea of what living in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany was like, read the comments by Democrats in reply to the Southwest statement on the innocuous but unprofessional “Let’s go Brandon!” pilot incident. Those evil regimes relied on people like them for power.