Now on to the news and the first of the big stories is New Jersey where one year later it’s deja vu all over again.

. . . Then something interesting happened in Bergen County. We went to bed last night with Ciattarelli up by 5% with 100% of the county reporting with 219,894 votes.

We woke up with 261,528 votes counted and Murphy up by 4%. The county somehow found 40,000 votes overnight.

That was 12:30PM yesterday from the estimable Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection. But then reality/insanity came and bonk-bonked us on the head with the Pelosi clown-gavel.

The delay in having the race called likely stemmed from a snafu out of Essex County, where a poll worker mistakenly shut off voting machines in 56 districts before the count had finished.

“A mistake by a poll worker led machines in 56 voting districts in Essex County, the state’s second-most populated region, to be turned off before their ballots were tallied, local election officials said,” reported the New York Post.

Beyond Essex County, Passaic County had similar voting issues in five districts that heavily leaned toward Murphy, which likely delayed the call into Wednesday.

To paraphrase the late lamented Willie Cicci, “Mistakes. Yeah, the family had a lot of mistakes!”Well, we’ll see if the victim, Jack Ciatarelli and really everyone who voted for him have the wherewithal and the stomach to take this to court. Not that there’s the proverbial snowball’s chance that this will be reversed because “no standing” and “it’s a tax,” or whatever.” Certainly the GOPe, with turds like Lindsay “Pull the tregroes” Graham and Mitch McChinless, are singing along to the Dem anthem of “the people have spoken.” I suppose the silver linings crowd are declaring that Ciatarelli coming so close is a sign. Yes it’s a sign that the Democrat mantra will be mirror universe GOP: “cheat harder!”

Actually, the optimist in me does think that everything up until the magic ’76 Buick LeSabre pulled up with the 40,000 ballots in the trunk is a very positive sign. New Jersey is one of those blue bastions (at least where the metropolitan shit-holes dominate the rest of the state) where it’s now a lead pipe cinch that Republicans will never get elected. Mostly because of corruption, fraud and now masses of newly minted Democrats from south of the border and as far away as Africa and Asia, but that’s another story. And yet, Ciatarelli got a real majority of real votes to oust that degenerate creep from Trenton. 

Hell, Seattle, viper’s nest and breeding ground of Antifa terrorism, ACAB insanity and Ted Wheeler’s fever dreams actually elected a Republican as city attorney beating not just a mere Democrat but a psycho progressive. But back in New Jersey, the shocker of the night was a truck driver named Edward Durr with $153 dollars (pre-primary, about $8,000 after) and “a big mouth!” as he said of himself, unseated the second most powerful pol in the Garden State.

“The main issue was rights,” Durr said, via phone. “People talk about how New Jersey has the highest taxes, and we’re the worst state for business, with high debt, and so on, but bottom line is rights. It’s family.

“When somebody’s messing with your family, you’ll do anything,” he said. “The governor was messing with people’s families. When you mess with somebody’s job, their livelihood, their home, their children — people just won’t take that.”

Durr said that New Jersey’s harsh coronavirus policies had helped create a “perfect storm” that made his victory possible.

“It was the combination of a governor who acts like a king, and a senate president who acts like a court jester, and does nothing. That made it very easy to convince people they were not being paid attention to. And when they got ignored, they got angry.”

Amazing. On the upside, Durr is a complete outsider and from what I have heard from him is not likely to stand for a lot of shit. On the downside, he’s a complete outsider, and like Trump, may not truly understand the power of what he is up against. The Left/Media, Jersey Dems and probably the DoJ will doubtless attempt to smear, sabotage and railroad the truck driver. So, we shall see if he’ll be able to withstand the blowtorch his face is about to be shoved into.

This leads me to what I feel is hands down an even more important victory than that of ousting “Punk” McAuliffe. And it was central to why he was ousted, which has tremendous importance nationwide.

Parents unhappy with the woke takeover of their local education systems won big on Tuesday when they ousted progressive school board members and beat out pro-critical race theory candidates in multiple districts across the nation. . .

. . . Parents’ frustration with the education bureaucracy not only played a huge role in pushing Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin over the finish line to the governorship in Virginia but appears to be growing into a movement that could continue to influence statewide and even national elections in the future. Ballotpedia reported that more than 84 school board recalls have occurred this year against at least 215 members. That’s nearly three times the amount of school board recalls that occurred in 2020 and four times the amount of school board recalls that occurred in 2019.

Someone ought to send a basket of fruit to Moloch Garland for bringing this about. Ideally it would be a barbed wire-wrapped pineapple set alight and delivered via a Mach 2 enema bag until it appears in his throat. This is crucial. As I have been screaming lo these many months and even years, you can win every elective office with a slate of Trumps, but unless and until you smash the brainwashing factories and wrest control of what your kids are being taught, it’s a losing cause. Three or more generations of Americans have been taught with ever more toxic propaganda to loathe their nation, their heritage, their families and even themselves. We have pod people not just in government or in the media and entertainment but in every walk of life from coast to coast.

At long last, we have finally landed on Omaha at Dog Red. Let’s see if we can at least move inland, let alone get all the way to Berlin. 

An observation; friend and publisher of my book Gray Delany (who was instrumental in “bagging a RINO” named Eric Cantor) posited a theory which given the past few years may not be all that tinfoil hat. His thought was that the Dems wanted/allowed McAuliffe to take a dive because they wanted to counter the growing realization and evidence that the 2020 election was stolen by declaring “See? You evil reich-wing racists actually beat us! There is no election fraud! You only say that when you lose!”

Total BS. McAuliffe losing in no way, shape or form disproves the facts of one year ago Tuesday. The fact remains that while Youngkin was no scintillating candidate to be sure, the combined words and deeds of McAuliffe, the VA educational/brainwashing complex and the attempted political persecution of parents protesting their kids’ mind- and body-raping is what did the trick and overcame whatever rigging might have been in place, not to sabotage McAuliffe but to drag him over the line.

And as commenters here rightly raged about, why the hell should we accept having to always beat the cheat? That shit has got to stop somehow, some way. Given the political landscape especially of the blue and purple districts, that is a hard nut to crack. The other issue is now that Democrats undoubtedly have crossed the line to vote against the evermore insane policies of their party, will that become a trend and not merely a flash in the pan? Those who were put into office to stop the madness had not be merely content to just win the election. They have got to deliver! Or at least get bloodied, bruised and beaten up in the process of trying to defeat and actually reverse this insanity. We need a party that we want to vote FOR. Just like we voted for Trump in ’16 and ’20 for the first time perhaps since Reagan.

Lastly, and to underscore my admonition and warning to the GOP newly-elected, for those who think the Democrats are for sure facing a bloodbath come next November, how quickly you forget the expected bloodbath that was supposed to happen last November. If you don’t think the Democrats, either with or without the help of the Chi-Coms, can’t or wouldn’t dare create another “crisis” to use as cover to rig and steal some or all of the midterms, I’ve got a Hunter Biden original I can let you have cheap.

Pelosi don’t care jack about polls. The Dems might lose elections, when they don’t rig them, or even get wiped out in some. But Thatcher’s ratchet will never unwind. It is always tightening ever leftward. The best we have ever hoped for or experienced is that it doesn’t get tighter while a GOPer is in office or when the party has the majority. That is exactly the attitude we do NOT need going forward. We need to rhetorically speaking fight hard, dirty and to the death if need be to win the nation back. At every level from school board up to the White House come 2024. And forever. That assumes that the Democrats don’t “cheat harder!” going forward.

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